Are Your Hormones Out of Whack?


Female hormone imbalances are mainly associated with menopause, but the truth is that women of all ages are vulnerable to hormone irregularities. Everything from environmental pollution to synthetic estrogens in beauty products interrupts normal hormone function, and getting older doesn’t help! 

Read on to learn how to recognize and treat four main signs of hormone imbalance.

Your Libido Just Isn’t There Anymore  

Just like low testosterone levels cause sexual dysfunction in men, low estrogen levels are responsible for female sexual dysfunction. In fact, 70% of your low libido problem is due to hormone problems. Symptoms include lack of libido, vaginal dryness, and pain during intercourse. 

Your Moodiness Won’t Go Away

A hormone imbalance can trigger irritability, anxiety, depression, and many other unwanted emotions. It’s not your fault, and you may be amazed to learn how hormone therapy and other simple treatments can restore your normal, easy-going mood. 

You Are Gaining Weight, and Nothing Will Stop It

Your hormones determine your metabolism, which means that even a slight hormone imbalance can cause excess weight to stick to you like glue. If your habits haven’t changed but you continue to gain weight, or if you’ve adopted healthier habits but still struggle to lose weight, your hormones are probably to blame. 

You’re Constantly Exhausted

There are many root causes of fatigue, including hormone imbalance. Too much progesterone can make you feel tired, as can low thyroid hormone levels. The stress hormone cortisol is also a culprit since it taxes your adrenals and leaves you feeling lethargic and foggy. 

What Now? Get Tested

Only a hormone test can uncover your estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels in order to identify the role hormones could be playing in your health problems. It’s possible that you only need simple hormone replacement therapy to bring your body back in balance and feel like yourself again!

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